Every business deserves a winning game plan -Preston Baker

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Preston Baker, Managing Partner

Preston Baker, Managing Partner

It’s time to find your ideal prospects and turn them

into loyal customers

We help new entrepreneurs in their early stages plan, create, and execute strategies to monetize and scale their business. We are a business consultant firm that focuses on designing a plan out of your vision, connecting you to the right resources while helping you expand your network.

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If you’re ready to develop a plan tailored specifically to your business, learn how to integrate systems and strategies to successfully attract, gain, and retain loyal customers, then it’s time for us to work together.

We offer a wide variety of services including strategy sessions, sales training, and one-on-one consulting.

1-on-1 Consulting

Work with me one-on-one to make plain your next business steps and discover what you need to get to the next level.

Strategic Planning

Whether you're looking to develop a short term or long term strategy, looking to monetize your business, or create systems. we help you develop the plan and put it into action.

Sales Training

We help you develop confidence and the skillset to build instant relationships and drive sales directly from your ideal client.

We offer additional services and have partners that cover a range of services including marketing, administrative services, and so much more.

We also host workshops, seminars and conferences to help new entrepreneurs grow, develop and network to help grow your business. Moguls Connect is a community of entrepreneurs dedicated to helping you develop the Mogul within. Follow me on Instagram @LegacyFirstOrg

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Upcoming Events


Pre-Juneteenth Online Business Expo

We are hosting our first Pre-Juneteenth Business Expo to bring awareness and support to Black owned businesses. Saturday, June 4th 11AM-1PM EST. We will have a 30 minute panel discussion, virtual 1-on-1 networking and virtual vendor booths to support some great up & coming entrepreneurs. This event is Free to access to the public and only $25 for vendors who will have the ability to be live in their booth or use a pre-recorded sales pitch in their booth. Our Mission is to help uplift black business who faced the most hardship during the pandemic and on an annual basis continue to receive the least amount of funding. We are focusing on encouraging a diverse audience to participate in this event.

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Online Networking Mixer

Hosted By Morgan Cleveland

Thursday, July 7th from 8PM-10PM EST we will be hosting the next addition of our Entrepreneur Networking Mixer. We will have a financial panel discussion, live 1-on-1 Online Networking and a 30 minute Group Mastermind session on our most productive business practices. This is an opportunity to grow and build with a group of entrepreneurs from the Mogul Connect entrepreneur community we have been building alongside Sigma Solutions Marketing. The event is only $10.00. Please do take a moment after getting your ticket to please take a moment and share the link with other entrepreneurs that can could benefit from this opportunity. Open to all because it is online.

Previous Events  

"Finding Success in The Digital Age"

This was our 2nd annual virtual business conference. This year we hosted it through the Moguls Connect partnership with Sigma Solution Marketing. We hosted various rooms to help new entrepreneurs develop their skillsets to monetize their business. We also had virtual 1-on-1 networking and virtual vendor booths for business owners.

Networking Vs Marketing

We hosted a virtual mixer November 19th 2021 to allowing entrepreneurs to network with other aspiring entrepreneurs. We held a competition to see which was more valued in the entrepreneurs minds learning better networking strategies or marketing strategies. Then we ended with a group mastermind to discuss our individuals successes.

Weekly Networking Mixer

We host a weekly live stream on Instagram to give new entrepreneurs the opportunity to network and promote their business with a community of ambitious entrepreneurs.  

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"Finding Success In the Digital Age"

This was our First annual virtual business conference. We hosted various rooms to help new entrepreneurs develop their skillsets to monetize their business. We also had virtual 1-on-1 networking and virtual vendor booths for business owners.

Capital City Podcast

Is an ongoing podcast we are relaunching as May 2022. We interview up and coming entrepreneurs, inspire and encourage, through motivational speeches and strategies. Subscribe to stay to get weekly episode notifications.

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"Networking with A Purpose"

"A virtual networking mixer that allowed early stage entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect and network 1-on-1 online on a virtual event platform.