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Let us help bring your vision to life.

-Managing Partner, Preston Baker

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LegacyFirst.Org LLC

Business Consultancy Helping Develop & Implement Innovative Strategies for New Entrepreneurs to Monetize and Scale.

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Build a Strategy around your vision

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Develop A Strategy Around Your Vision.

Working with our team you will learn some basic organic strategies to help you develop your digital real estate and turn like and follows into leads and sales.

Leverage Social Media

Optimize Your Website

Networking Online With Authority

Create a Step by Step Gameplan

Focus on the Customers Lifetime Value

Common Issues Gaining Sales For Your Business

There are many reasons you may not be generating sales towards your business or you are unable to to see growth. Here are a few, but with the proper strategy you will identify your weaknesses and find growth opportunities.

Focusing on just paid ads

Relying on old technologies

Lack of social proof

Failure to maintain customer loyalty

Not targeting the right audience

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Who Are We

We are a business consultancy working with new entrepreneurs to help you develop and implement strategies around your vision to help you monetize and scale your business.


Social Entrepreneurship

We are a social entrepreneur company with a focus on helping inspire and encourage small business owners in underserved communities through various workshops, conferences and networking events. We also donate a percentage of our proceeds to community based organizations (nonprofits) in underserved communities.


What is our goal?

Our Vision is to inspire entrepreneurship as a path to financial freedom and encourage these new entrepeneurs to become social entrepreneurs to reinvest in their communities.


What can we do for you?

We offer business consulting services. We work one on one with our clients providing customized strategies to help you launch, scale or even grow your business.

* 1-On-1 Business Strategy Session

* Consultation By Projects

* Retainer for a month to month consultation to help you grow and scale your business.

* Additional Services include but are not limited to; Website Design, Virtual Event. Management Services, etc.,


A community of entrepreneurs

Moguls Connect is a community of entrepreneurs dedicated to helping you develop the Mogul within. This is a peer community of entrepreneurs where everyone is welcome to network, share resource and find ways to help each other reach our goals. We host weekly networking events, workshops, confernces and a use the "Discord" app for our community platform. This is a joint collaboration with Sigma Soultion Marketing LLC

What do we have coming up?

We often have events or programs to help entrepreneurs leverage some of our resources to help grow their business.

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Networking With Authority (ebook)

If you are looking actively posting content trying to leverage social media and having issues converting sales, then you you need to add these strategies your marketing plan. Learn how you can build organic engagement, that will help you build your tribe and organic lead generation.

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Free "Network To Profit" Masterclass

If you purchase the "Networking With Authority" ebook. You will get access to the "Network to Profit" Masterclass where you get an hour breakdown of some of the strategies laid out and see first hand how these strategies can lead to a organic growth. The focus is to build a loyal customer based, customer lifetime value.

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5 Week "Network to Profit" Challenge

Join a community of entrepreneurs looking to build to buil to profit organically. We will have a deep dive with weekly group sessions, 1-on-1 sessions, script creation, email journeys, and so much more. If you join this challenge you will also get a Free 60 minute Business Strategy Sessions.

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Free Networking Mixer

If you are an entrepreneur looking to network and build with other entrepreneurs join us for this Free Networking Mixer. Live 1-on1 virtual networking, Recession proof marketing session, Group Mastermind discssion on how we can build together.

Get started today

Book a strategy session and let's see if this can be a long term partnerhsip to help you get your business to the next level.

We will do the research

We will leverage the data

We will custom design a plan

We will develop a implementation plan

We will review your systems

We will idenitfy your weaknesses

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Special deal only available for 23 more hours!

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Hi, I'm Preston Baker

Social Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Business Consultant

Preston Baker is the Managing Partner of LegacyFirst.Org LLC business consulting firm and Co-Founder of Moguls Connect, a community network of early stage entrepreneurs. In 2015, he started his career working in finance with a focus on working with small business owners. He rose to become an Associate Partner with Veludi Capital Strategies under his mentor. During his time working in the industry he was trained by some of the industries top experts, where he learned that to succeed he had to provide value that would help his clients get to where they needed to go in order to build for the long term. After receiving various awards he decided that he wanted to do more to help entrepreneurs. He wanted to use his skillset to help entrepreneurs grow their business and reach their goals. In 2019 he started LegayFirst.Org LLC and was able to help various businesses and organizations stay afloat by leveraging digital platforms to maintain the pandemic. He has consistently championed that it is through networking and relationship building where you will see you're greatest success long term and is now sharing his strategies so everyone could benefit.

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Upcoming Events

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For access to this Free event visit:

Past Events



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Networking With Authority

Networking With Authority & Masterclass

If you are looking to generate a constant flow of organic leads then utilize these very innovative techniques that will help you in real time, This eBook comes with the "Network to Profit" Masterclass (link is emailed)
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My Best Month Ever ( A motivational guide for entrepreneurs and sales professionals)

My Best Month Ever!!

A motivational guide where I break down the difference between my most productive months vs my least productive months and breaking down some strategies through stories that lead to my best month ever
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