The Story, The Vision


I’m Preston Baker the Managing Partner here at LegacyFirst.Org LLC. We are a Social entrepreneurship business consulting firm, with a mission to inspire and encourage entrepreneurship especially in the early startup stages, especially from underserved communities. The mission started shifted from finance consulting to focus on more business consulting as we saw a wide range of businesses unable to stand the effect of the pandemic. During the pandemic we helped numerous businesses, nonprofits and faith based institutions digitize their systems and create strategies to reconnect with the audience they were losing because of the inability to meet in-person.

We have collaborations and partnerships with many entrepreneurs and small businesses including Moguls Connect, a Campaign partnertship with SigmaSolution Marketing. With Moguls Connect we have built a community of entrepreneurs and leveraged various social media platforms to educate, inspire and share resources with the community.

My Background

I was introduced to entrepreneurship at a young age running my own seasonal candy and gift business. I seasoned my gift later in life at 21 partnering in a used car dealership in the South Jamaica section of Queens. The business started in 2005, but due to the great recession it was sold in 2011. This time I went back to college to complete my degree in Criminals justice. It was during my college years I connected with my mentor who brought me into the world of finance. I became a partner at Veludi Capital Strategies and where we handled all things finance. We specialized in Premium Finance, Wealth Management and hard money lending at the time. I received dozens of awards for which gave me access to conferences and private meetings with top entrepreneurs that truly poured into me.

After a few years, I decided I wanted to figure a way to provide these services to members of my community. I realized that most businesses did not generate the kind of income to leverage the deals that were being closed at my firm. That's when the decision to help new entrepreneurs came to fruition. The immediate reaction was to start a business. in 2019 LegacyFirst.Org was born the initial idea was to continue into finance, but due to pandemic we had to pivot in to other services many business desperately need. Since then the LegacyFirst.Org brand has been positioned to help new entrepreneurs develop the skillset and gain access to the resources needed to get from the Starter to the growth stage. We have helped dozens of entrepreneurs refocus and create a plan. Some times we just need another set of eyes or sometimes we are in the right industry, but selling the wrong service. What ever it is that is the mission and with the profits we make sure to donate 10%-20% of our profits to local based community organizations and businesses to circulate money in communities of color.

I am also a author, podcast host, motivational speaker and trainer. I've spoken at various colleges including George Washington University, John Jay College, Queensborough Community College to name a few. If you are looking to book your next speaker email or leave a message on our contact page.

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